National Cooling Towers

Frp Cooling Tower

Frp Cooling Tower

We are one of the well-known manufacturers of FRP Cooling Tower of very fine quality. Our industrial FRP cooling tower is highly demanded by many leading companies. We are manufacturing as well as exporting fibreglass reinforced plastic cooling tower on a very large scale. We are planning to become largest manufacturer of FRP cooling tower in India.

Compact Light- Weight Design Corrosion Resistant Weather - Proof Construction Ensure Long Lasting Life

Advantages & Functional Features

Modular Construction
NATIONAL COOLING TOWERS are of vertical induced draft counter flow design. The tower ideal with regard space economy and cooling efficiency.

F. R. P. Body
The body of the tower made of tough fibre glass reinforced plastic. It has sufficient structural strength to withstand high industrial vibrations and wind velocity. It is resistant to local impacts and even if damage is sustained local repairs can easily be done.

Special Motors (IP 55)
Continuous rating shock-proof totally enclosed type as per IP-55 and suitable for out door mounting.

The fan is directly driven and of axial flow type. The fan blades are of cast aluminum completely free from problem encountered with belt and gear drives.

Drift Eliminator
It prevent spray entrainment reduces carryover losses of water. The eliminator is of rigid P. V. C.

P. V. C. Fill
Corrosion resistant fill are of polyvinyl chloride in honey comb design.

Fixed Sprinkler With Spray Noxxles
Fixed sprinkler with spray nozzles for uniform distribution of water over the fill area. Nozzles are easily removable for cleaning through the inspection window.

Inspection Window
Easy operation window is provided to inspect from where water distribution and fil can be observed clearly. Any repairing can be done through the window.

Most Ecocnomical
Small H.P. motors are used for the towers to make a great deal of difference in operating cost. aiming to deliver quality product at most economical price.

Considerably reduced because fan is the only moving part of the cooling tower. Fixed distribution system instead of rotating sprinkler which eliminates all bearing and frictional problems.

We undertake service contracts for maintenance/repairs of cooling towers of any make.

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