National Cooling Towers

Quality Control Setup

Quality Assurance Plan
Ours is composite unit, manufacturing FRP Moulding, PVC Fills and Motor required for Cooling Tower in the factory itself. Due to this, we are able to exercise full control on the quality of the basic raw material for Cooling Tower.

Our Test bed is equipped with all the instruments to ensure that the various tests required under different specification are conducted before Cooling Tower are cleared for despatch. We have also a separate Laboratory for testing the quality of Raw Material. Each consignment of Cooling Tower is despatched to the customer with an exhaustive test report giving results of tests conducted in our Test Bed.

The process control checks are carried out at every stage of manufacturing so that only the right material goes for further processing. The control checks are to ascertain that Cooling Tower manufactured at our works are of desired quality and comply to the standards to technical specifications.

Our Quality Control Department is manned by persons having long experience in this line. We believe that quality is not an accident but the result of constant vigilance and testing at every stage of manufacture.

Today we can state with satisfaction that we have received very few complaints about the quality of our Cooling Towers during the last ten years. Most of the complaints were due to mishandling of the Cooling Tower.

The quality of National Cooling Towers is maintained at high level due to the latest processing technology with which these Cooling Towers are manufactured. The following are the salient features of the process inspection carried out by us.

Production Capacity & Capability
We are one of the leading Cooling Tower manufacturers, having FRP moulding shop, Fan Testing unit, Fan Testing & Balancing unit and complete assemble unit.

We have an installed capacity of 150 Nos. of Cooling Tower per month i.e. 1800 per year and have already achieved the production of 1105 Nos. last year.

With opening up of our economy, we have to match our quality to that of developed countries so as to face the international competition. We are installing latest process control equipment in the plant and new testing equipment in the laboratory. We are inducing more technical hands in the quality department.

Financially, we are enjoying various credit facilities with Corporation Bank, and they have always extended co-operation to strengthen our capacity and capability.